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I’ve been using OMG Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegars for a few months now. Whenever I prepare a salad for my guests, they never fail to ask me how I prepared it. I always tell them it’s my secret recipe at first but I do tell them it’s OMG Balasmic Vinegar with a little bit of white truffle oil. OMG! It’s really that good. I tried your Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar as well. Keep it up and never run out of them.
Edward Cho, Pacific Grove, CA


We changed our Name!

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Many of you have known us as the Bountiful Basket Carmel. Now, we changed our name to OMG Specialty Foods and starting a new chapter in our business. We still carry the famed OMG Balsamic Vinegar lines but they are only available online. Please feel free to browse and order. We will ship them out to you pronto. Also, many have suggested to us that we create smaller sampler packs to taste the different flavors of our OMG Vinegars and OMG Olive Oils. So, we will shortly be adding small teaser 6-packs. It will be a great way to try out different flavors.